Commercial Refrigeration


Commercial Refrigeration Experts.


Our team of commercial refrigeration and HVAC technicians work closely with you to ensure that the job is done right and at budget.


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Austin, Texas 78711


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We install, upgrade, retrofit, and service almost every variety of commercial refrigeration equipment.


With over 30 years of service to the city of Houston and the surrounding area, Boyer Mechanical Services has built a strong reputation in the commercial refrigeration and HVAC industry.




Best result without loss of time


At Boyer Mechanical Services, we believe in doing the job right, and making sure that our customers are pleased with the results.




  1. Qualitative components
    We use only components of known and proven suppliers. This enables us to guarantee that the lifespan of our repairs.
  2. Respect to clients
    We respect our clients and partners, therefore we constantly improve quality, extend the range of commercial refrigeration and HVAC work.

  3. Varied choice
    Our commercial refrigeration and HVAC parts have a varied supplye of vendors and suppliers, the choice of forms and installation systems to meet your needs.


Carry out work responsibly


If you have an older commercial refrigeration or industrial HVAC equipment installed, our technicians are knowledgeable about legacy designs and can remedy any problems you may have.




"  We have no hesitation in recommending this company and its team to you. If necessary we would be willing to allow you to visit some of our sites so you can see for yourself the quality of the workmanship we are getting. "


Monica Higgins, Client


"  I really love the speed at which your team handled our refrigeration issue. Everything was carefully manufactured and packed. Your pre-sales support saved me from having to guess on what to order and was very helpful.  "


Olivia Grosh, Client